Book Review of Auditioning : An Actor-Friendly Guide (Vintage Original)

Auditioning : An Actor-Friendly Guide (Vintage Original)
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"I wish to God I had had this book twenty years ago. It probably would have helped me get some of those jobs I didn't get, and it definitely would have helped me deal with not getting them...I also think it's a great read for old timers like myself who sometimes need a fresh look at this career we've chosen, and a little help 'hanging in there.' Joanna Merlin has the unique perspective of having been on both sides of the table in a sometimes heartless business; her heart comes through in this book." -- Kevin Bacon

"Listen to the woman. She knows of what she speaks. Ms. Merlin has experienced both sides of the auditioning process and has done so with grace and style." -- Frances McDormand

"This is a great book. Everyone who auditions should read it, and even those who don't." -- Sam Waterston

"With this book, Ms. Merlin has accomplished the impossible. She has made me look forward to walking through the door of my next audition." -- Cherry Jones