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Book Review of Mine Till Midnight (Hathaways, Bk 1)

Mine Till Midnight (Hathaways, Bk 1)
Mine Till Midnight (Hathaways, Bk 1)
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
BrokenWing avatar reviewed on
Helpful Score: 6

Kleypas does it again.

Kleypas has a talent for creating memorable heroes, (tortured and non) and this one is one of her better ones. I loved the 1/2 gypsy 1/2 Irish Cam Rohan. For once it was nice to have a hero who was comfortable with himself, his emotions and sexuality rather than angst-ridden. In a way he reminded me of Nicholas Davies, the 1/2 gypsy earl of Aberdare from Putney's Thunder and Roses.

Prim, proper, prudish Amelia was the perfect foil for playful, sensual slightly wild Cam; rather than her taming him, he helps release her inner wildness.


This contains the hands down most romantic "seduction" scene I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It's literally a fairy tale. Cam saves Amelia from a rocket blast by throwing himself on her body. She notices a tattoo on his forearm and asks about it.
He explains that it is a "pooka"--an irish mytholgical horse (coal black with yellow eyes) that may appear in front of your home at midnight, call your name and take you for a midnight ride over mountains, streams and oceans. If you ever return, you'll never be the same.

When finished with the story, he asks Amelia what she would do if offered a midnight ride on a pooka--go or stay safely in bed? (She says she'd stay in bed of course).

Weeks later, after he has rescued Amelia from her burning home and they are both staying with his friend the earl of Westcliff, Cam appears in her bedroom around midnight and begins passionately kissing and caressing her. When she thinks he is about to make love to her (and she wants him to), instead, he has her put on a wrap, takes her by the hand and leads her downstairs to the garden. There he whistles and his black horse gallops into view. Amelia asks the horse's name and Cam says "I think you know." He then takes her on a short cross-country ride to an abandoned campsite, where he builds a fire and then makes a bed out of blankets from his saddle bag. There he holds her, kisses and caresses her and then very tenderly makes love to her under the stars. While it takes them quite a while to sleep together, it's incredibly steamy once they do. Both seem to be insatiable.

I loved it so much that I didn't want it to end. Can't wait for Merripen's and Win's story "Seduce me at Sunrise." Great start to a new (I hope) series.

This one's a keeper--sorry, not sharing.

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