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Book Review of Toys

perryfran avatar reviewed on + 1127 more book reviews

This one is definitely outside of the usual Patterson fare. It's an attempt at a science-fiction-futuristic-dystopian-action thriller, but it doesn't really work on all levels. The story is basically about a biologically engineered human, Hays Baker, who was made to believe that he is an "Elite" - the genetically and biologically engineered super race that is intent on eliminating humankind. This novel borrows heavily from other dystopian fiction such as "Brave New World," and tries to show the bad side of Fascist societies like Nazism, but for me the overall story fell flat. First of all, I found it really hard to believe that Hays could go from hating the human race to being their savior after he finds out he is human. Also, along the way in the novel, several clones are sacrificed for both humans and Elite. Wouldn't a clone also be considered a human even though it was cloned to make an exact duplicate? I don't know - I think Patterson and his team should stick to action thrillers and crime novels. Mediocre at best!

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