Book Review of Santa Cruise (Alvirah Meehan Regan Reilley)

Santa Cruise (Alvirah Meehan Regan Reilley)
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"Santa Cruise" is the third Alvirah Meehan/Regan Reilly Christmas mystery written by the mother and daughter team of Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark. Randolph Weed owns the cruise ship, The Royal Mermaid, and the maiden voyage is one that is free to guests who have done much good in the line of charity work. Alvirah Meehan wins a free cruise with her husband, Willy, and invites Jack and Regan Reilly and Nora and Luke Reilly to join them on the cruise. Eric, Weed's nephew, is hiding out 2 fugitives who are going to an island where there is no extradition to the US. One of the fugitives, a mobster named Tony Pinto, looks like the boxer turned mystery writer Left Hook Louie, and 2 women think they have seen the writer's ghost. Alvirah steals the show as she attempts to nab the suspects. There is too much coincidence in the book and Regan does very little in the way of detection for a private investigator. It is not the best of books for either author, but can provide a few hours of light entertainment if you have nothing better to do. Mary Higgins Clark is a fine mystery writer and her full length novels are excellent.