Book Review of Bella: a novelization of the award-winning movie

Bella: a novelization of the award-winning movie
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The title says it all, this book is 95% the movie. Now I am all for reading a book verses checking out the film but in this case since the film came first I would see the movie and skip the book. Even if you are a big fan of the film, the only significant thing in here is who is the father of the baby and well it seems to cheapen her instead of leaving the subject open ended as the movie did. Honestly if you really want to know send me a pm and I will tell you, you dont need the book for a few sentences. That being said the ending is a concluded with an extra sentence as well and no it is not I love you. But yes, the story continues as you hoped it would when you left the theatre. In my opinion and I am only leaving one since no one else did and as a big fan of the film I thought the book was not worth it, this is not a book that was made into a film it is a book created to contribute to spreading the message of the film (ie if you dont like movies). To put it simply rent the movie skip the book and dont bash the reviewer.