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Book Review of A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange
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Interesting read! I found it difficult to unravel the street talk of young Alex who tells the story but finally figured out most of it. If you choose to read this one, look for the online definitions for the street talk words and phrases. Alex goes through a period of violence where he and three friends rob, beat up people, rape girls and young women and smash and destroy whatever they choose. The title comes from the drug treatment and violent films to which Alex was treated prior to being released from prison after a reign of violence results in the death of an old woman. It was said that those who are subjected to the treatment become like mechanical humans who can make no choices. Using drugs and films of violence, authorities condition Alex to feel sick each time he saw, contemplated or encountered violence. Unfortunately for Alex, it also sensitized him to the classical music he loved as the violent films to which he was exposed were accompanied by this music. Even this beautiful music makes him ill. He contemplates suicide and becomes involved in a political scheme to oust the current party in power. The ending is interesting, too, when Alex discovers that he has grown up.

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