Book Review of One Night with a Spy (Royal Four, Bk 3)

One Night with a Spy (Royal Four, Bk 3)
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Book 3 in the Royal Four series, this is the story of Julia Barrowby, who is determined to hold on to her position as the Fox, and Marcus, Lord Dryden, who is determined to take that position away from her.

Since the other members of the Royal Four, plus Marcus and Liverpool, are convinced that having a woman in their cadre would bring them (and Englad) to absolute ruin, Marcus heads to Derbyshire to woo/seduce Julia into giving up all her secrets.

Julia, meanwhile, is dealing with assaults on her hand (from numerous suitors), her heart (from Marcus), and her person and household (from the elusive Chimera). Secondary characters include members of a former traveling circus and, of course, the Liars.

Nobody is exactly who they seem - to the reader and/or the other characters - and there are some pretty good twists and turns within the plot. Definitely worth picking up!