Book Review of Caleb (Shadow Wranglers, Bk 1)

Caleb (Shadow Wranglers, Bk 1)
Caleb (Shadow Wranglers, Bk 1)
Author: Sarah McCarty
Genres: Romance, Horror
Book Type: Paperback
Helpful Score: 1

Well my high hopes fell short on this one. Don't get me wrong I liked it but did not love it as I wanted to. This book gets off to an exciting start that sucks you in and make you keep reading but then it ends a few chappys in and gets confussing. It is almost as if there is another who took over writing...hmmm...the writing becomes disjointed and I found my self not being able to follow the conversations or what was going on stopping and going back a few paragraphs to reread cause I thought I missed something only I didn't. It was confussing and it drove me Nutz~! It felt as if a lot of the story was missing =(