Book Review of Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bk 4)

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bk 4)
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This series is an absolute horrible piece of fiction. Aside from the fact that Meyer completely butchers vampire lore, Bella is the most vapid, anti-feminist character that I have ever had the misfortune to read. The entire series involves Bella worshiping Edward calling him everything from perfect to glorious to God-like, and wondering why he is in love with her when it's so clear that she's a stupid, fragile, clutzy human who doesn't deserve him. Bella is, in a word, too stupid to live. I am seriously dismayed that so many young women adore this series when it teaches them that the only way to validate yourself is through being loved by a superior man. Aside from the troubling anti-feminist message Meyer also lacks the basic artistic skills that it takes to write a good and intriguing book. Her characterization is two-dimensional at best and her ability to plot and build a climax is even worse. The entire series centers around the relationship between these two characters, Bella and Edward, who magically fall in love at first sight with no explanation other than that Edward is hot and Bella smells tasty to Edward.

Bottom line- this book is pure juvenile romantic fantasy with less substance than a Harlequin romance and even worse writing.