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Book Review of Maid Marian : A Novel

Maid Marian : A Novel
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For as long as I can remember I have always been a fan of Robin Hood legend. Movies and books alike have told various versions that I have soaked up and loved. Earlier this year I found the best ever with the first two installations of Stephen Lawhead's triology Hood and Scarlet. Those two books being from the perspective of, of course, Robin Hood (Bran) and Will Scarlet. This book fits right in!! I know that Elsa Watson is her own author and nothing to do with the former, but really this tale fits well into the mix. Here you have a version of the historic bard tale written in a way never read before. Of course the setting is different, so don't get me wrong, but what I mean is the perspective.

This book is the retelling from Marian's point of view. Through Elsa's words she is as real as can be. Marian is finally real with thoughts, opinions, dreams, and fears. She brings to you through her inner-most thoughts her life from birth to future and you cannot help but feel with her. Anger and love, pain and joy. It is all there and well shared.

Frankly, this book is fabulous and I could barely put it down. I hate that it was a library book, because I don't want to give it back. I guess I will just have to go and buy it myself now. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and will dream of it for nights to come.

Jump in and explore the adventure and tales of a realistic Maid Marian from a juvenile to a young mistress. Learn the power of a woman in charge from both evil and good. It's just wonderful.