Book Review of Stay a Little Longer (Unabridged)

Stay a Little Longer (Unabridged)
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This book was a shock I cant believe I read the whole thing! The story was plodding and turgid; the characters were uninteresting and rather cardboard-like in behavior. The story was presented as over-blown high drama.

This story takes place in the years following World War I. Rachel is holding her family together, with little help from the other adults in the family. She runs the familys boardinghouse and has supplanted her mother as the towns midwife.

Louise Watkins (the mother of Alice and Rachel), has retreated to her room on a full-time basis since the death of her favorite daughter (Alice). Uncle Otis is the town drunk. Charlotte, Alices daughter, is a pouty brat.

The main male character, Mason Tucker, offers a poor reason for abandoning his wife and father for 8 years! His brother, Zachary Tucker, is as wicked as they come. As the towns banker, Zachary has used devious and violent methods to increase his wealth.

Frankly, I couldnt care less about the people and what happened to them. The romance between Rachel and Mason moved slower than syrup sliding down a cold jar!

If you insist on reading this drivel, be sure you check it out from a library. It isnt worth your hard-earned money!