Book Review of Creative Dating

Creative Dating
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I had expected some suggestions to be not interesting.

I had expected more to be useful or at least get me thinking creatively.

I hadn't expected so many to be flat out juvenile.

For example: Go to open houses. That would be fine--especially if you own a house, it's a good way to get decorating ideas and see what other folks are doing, and they did open the house and invite you to walk around. If they'd stopped there I would have agreed with them. They cross the line when they suggest talking to the realtor as if you are serious about buying. That's just flat rude and juvenile.

That is just repeated over and over. Go behave as if you are doing something you aren't--at the expense of someone else. It isn't funny to mislead someone or waste their time. It's a childish trick and a poor excuse for a date.

Once we got out of that, it was into the "requires huge amount of money and other people". That was one of the better sections because there were things here and there that could be pulled out to actually do. Having a couple in there would have been fine but it just went on and on and on for pages.

Too many require lots of uses of friends and massive pre-planning as well. If there had been more good ones that didn't, I'd have just shrugged.

But there just weren't. I am highly unimpressed at the creativity of the authors. It's childish, very expensive, and/or takes a whole fleet of friends to help out.

There have got to be better books (or internet sites) with suggestions for dating.

The Ways to Say I Love You chapter was good for a laugh, but I can't recommend it. I find it hard to believe that most of those were serious! (Really, carve it on balsa wood and float in a toilet? Then what, take aim?)