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Book Review of The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, Bk 12)

The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, Bk 12)
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I'll admit it--it took me weeks to read this book. For me it was slow to start, and this is really not my favorite series. . . but I stuck with it, and I'm glad! First of all, if you've made it this far (like me) you pretty much HAVE to keep reading. Second of all, although I really respect Robert Jordan's ideas and the mythology he created in the Wheel of Time, but I greatly prefer the writing style of Brandon Sanderson. As you go along, you may notice that the exposition is less plodding, and the characters less cartoonish and idiosyncratic than Jordan typically portrayed them. I mean really--does Nynaeve have any mannerisms other than yanking her braid? Enough. Kudos to Sanderson.

"The Gathering Storm", 700+ page book is the first THIRD of the final volume of the WoT called "A Memory of Light." In it, Egwene is stoically enduring her continued punishment by the White Tower, maintaining her assertion of being the true Amyrlin, and steadily gaining support against Elaida. We also spend a bit of time with Aviendha and her frustrating attempt to earn her place among the Wise Ones. But most of the story revolves around Rand and his rather depressing view that Tarmon Guidon is coming soon, as he prepares to fight the final battle and die in the process. He attempts to unify all the nations, and ally with the Seanchan armies (we see a bit of Tuon) to provide a united front against the Dark Lord. He finds a new level of power--and a deep coldness within himself along with a mistrust of everyone as his mental stability deteriorates. Gawyn, Perrin, and Mat have brief, almost cameo, appearances. Sanderson does well in "reminding" you who everyone is, so rereading the preceding eleven books is not necessary! Dig in and hold on for the long-anticipated conclusion.

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