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Book Review of The Road

The Road
The Road
Author: Cormac McCarthy
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Reference
Book Type: Paperback
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While this may be an unpopular review, I was disappointed. I found the book a hard read. It was confusing. Not the plot or story in itself, mind you - just the writing. I found this book to be full of fragmented sentences and run-on sentences that made me re-read the same paragraph several times. I "get" the idea of no quotation marks on the dialog, but at times it was difficult to tell if the characters were talking to eachother or if the main character was just thinking/remembering/dreaming (take your pick).

Now, I liked the actual theme of a wasted and savage future America - it was refreshing. The ending, however, left me needing some closure that just wasn't there. It is like the author decided that he was rambling with thoughts and needed to wrap it up fast. That was the only part of the book that read quickly.

All in all, this was not my favorite book and I probably won't recommend it to anyone.