Book Review of Angel Falls

Angel Falls
Angel Falls
Author: Kristin Hannah
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Hardcover
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Mikaela (Mica) Campbell is thrown from a horse and is so seriously injured that she falls into a long-term coma. Mica's husband, Dr. Liam Campbell, is left to care for their children. While sitting by Mica's hospital bed, willing her to recover, Liam talks endlessly to her. He recreates their life together through their shared history.

Inadvertently, Liam discovers the identity of Mica's first husband and father to her first child. Julian is a 'huge' movie star who was the love of her life. Julian, a shallow man, is convinced that he may be the person who is able to bring Mica out of her coma and agrees to travel to her bedside. Mica emerges from the coma, and what happens then is what helps her look at life through different 'colored' glasses.

Angel Falls is a family drama about how tragedy impacts the individual members and how they rise to the occasion and pull together. And it is about a loving, gentle husband who deeply loves his wife and will do what is necessary to help her recover; even if it means he might lose her.

Hannah's characters are richly drawn and the plot is compelling. It is a book you will enjoy and I guarantee that you will recommend it to others.