Book Review of Such a Fun Age

Such a Fun Age
Such a Fun Age
Author: Kiley Reid
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Fantastic book. Emira (African American) is a nanny for a privileged wealthy white woman. When she is in the grocery store with the 3 year old the store owner thinks she is kidnapping the child. A bystander makes a video . . . which is later released without Emira's consent. And there is the fallout from that and how it affects everyone lives. But there is more than just the story of race relations here although that is a big part of the story. There is also loneliness, and confusion, and love (especially Emira's love for the little girl she babysits), and coming of age, and romantic relationships, and learning to stand up for yourself, and just a really good page turning story with characters you love and root for and other characters who are evil. Good drama.