Book Review of Assassin's Quest (Farseer, Bk 3)

Assassin's Quest (Farseer, Bk 3)
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You know, I may have read a book where the author puts the hero through more traumas and trials than Hobb puts FitzChivalry through in this series... but I really can't think of one offhand. The guy really just does not get a break!

This installment takes more of the classic fantasy quest format, as Fitz, whom everyone thinks is dead, sets off on a quest to travel beyond the mountain kingdom and find the rightful king, Verity. Hotly pursued by Regal and his coterie of Skill-wielders who wish to kill him, he is plagued by his own uncertain use of the Skill, which is a vulnerability, but which shows him visions of his love, Molly, and the child he has never seen - which may be the heir to the Farseer bloodline.
Along the way, he is joined by the minstrel, Starling, who seeks fame and fortune by attaching herself to those who may do songworthy deeds; the old pilgrim woman, Kettle, who seems to know more of both history and magic than one would guess, the enigmatic Fool, the Queen Kettricken, seeking her husband...
Will they find Verity? Will Verity have found the mythical Elderlings, and/or a way to save the Six Duchies from both the Red-Ship Raiders and Regal's treachery? Will Fitz ever be able to have the simple life that he yearns after?

Quest fantasy has been done to death, but this book doesn't feel formulaic at all... definitely entertaining! On to the second trilogy!