Book Review of One Perfect Summer

One Perfect Summer
One Perfect Summer
Author: Brenda Novak
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak has Serenity Alston surprised by the results she received after submitting a DNA test to 23andMe. She learns that she has two half-sisters. The three women will be spending the summer together in Tahoe. It will give the three women a chance to get to know each other and try to identify their common link. Each woman is going through a rough patch. Serenity just finished testifying at her husband's trial after turning him in to the police. Lorelei discovered her husband cheated on her with someone unexpected. Reagan had a one-night stand with someone from work and cannot face returning to her job. Each woman will need to overcome their issues before moving forward. One Perfect Summer is a light read that touches on an interesting topic. Imagine taking a DNA test and finding out you have two siblings. I liked that the three women who were at an intersection in their lives. It was touching to see them go from strangers to true sisters. The point-of-view switches between the three sisters which can be confusing in the beginning until you get used to each ladies' voice. It does mean that there is a repetition of information. It does, though, allow us to understand what each woman is feeling and thinking. I wanted to find out how the three women were related and came to be separated. When the solution was revealed, I was surprised because it came out of left field. I liked Lorelei's daughter, Lucy and how she helped an injured man. I did find the pacing a little sluggish and there is foul language (too much) in this book. I was happy with the epilogue that showed the women rallying around Reagan for an important event. One Perfect Summer is a sweet story about sisterly bonds, second chances, overcoming the past, finding love, and family.