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Book Review of Vampire High: Sophomore Year

Vampire High: Sophomore Year
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It's sophomore year for Cody Elliot at New Sodom's prestigious Vlad Dracul High School, and things seem to be going well. He managed to lead the school's water polo team to victory, acquire a girlfriend in the form of a jenti (vampire) princess, and maintain a C average. Not bad for a lowly gadje!

Unfortunately, Cody's good fortune is short-lived. His crazy cousin, who goes by many names but now refers to herself as Turk, shows up on his family's doorstep. Turk and her mother are at odds, and felt it best for Turk to have a change of scenery. Turk's main goal appears to be rattling everyone's cage. She also wants to open an arts center in Crossfield, a place that holds bad memories for the jenti.

Things are going to get dicey for Cody and Turk, and ticking off the jenti is never a good idea.

Rees has successfully kept his story going in this second VAMPIRE HIGH offering. His vampire folklore is different from his fellow YA writers, and I think that's what makes these novels so enjoyable. These are not your typical vampires. I also appreciate the fact that Rees keeps a consistent narrator throughout the story.

I think there is much more in story for Cody Elliot and his jenti friends. I will be anxious to see what happens next!