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Book Review of The Vengeance of Hera (Hercules)

The Vengeance of Hera (Hercules)
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Hercules: The Vengeance of Hera\" tells of a middle adventure that Jason and his Argonauts had while searching for the Golden Fleece. The Argo is beached on a small island. The crew decide to explore it, and find a village being terrorized by a cyclopse. Hercules, Jason, Atlanta, and Theseus make quick work out of the monster, only to have the village attacked by evil winged birds called myserea (or something like that). They travel a couple of more days to another island where the birds are rumored to live. There the Greeks find a more prosporous nation, and is invited to celabrate with the king, who secretly plans to murder them. Well, you can probably guess what happens from there. I was just wondering why the whole series is called Hercules? It seems to me that all the prominate heros on board (Theseus, Jason, and Atlanta) all seem to get equal screen time with Hercules. I guess it\'s just that Hercules\'s name is more bankable; that\'s a shame. But other than that this is a solid adventure; fast paced, full of gusto, not too gory. Great adventure all the way around. All the characters seem to act like there mythic figure namesake; Jason\'s a capable leader, Atlanta\'s always trying (and mostly succedding) at keeping up with the boys, and Theseus is wise, cunning and careful. It is only Hercules who acts slightly out of character. He is usually a good natured but immpusive; always letting his heart (or pride) get him into trouble before thinking about what the consequences might be. Here he is a lot more careful than usual; true he is a lot older now, and having been insited to murder his own family may make one pause a little.

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