Book Review of Lost and Found

Lost and Found
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Cady Briggs was happy to get out of the family business. Aunt Vesta's antiques gallery may be a prestigious and successful business, but the stress and responsibilities weren't much fun for her, nor were the frequent comparisons to Aunt Vesta's quirky personality. Cady much prefers her art-consulting business, especially when it leads to meeting enigmas like Mack Easton. Mack's request for help tracking down a stolen Renaissance helm seems like an easy job, and a good way to get to know the mysterious man.

When Aunt Vesta dies under suspicious circumstances, Cady finds she needs to call on Mack's unique talents. Posing as Cady's "almost fiancé," Mack helps investigate the complex workings of the antique world. Sparks begin to fly, however, as everyone becomes confused about the true nature of their relationship, including Cady and Mack.

Jayne Ann Krentz's latest is sure to sell like hotcakes. Though the initial connection between hunk and heroine feels a bit awkward, their developing relationship evens out and, combined with the complex maneuverings of a corrupt antique world and the long list of murder suspects, keeps the reader hastily turning the pages toward a breathtaking conclusion.