Book Review of Fat Girl : A True Story

Fat Girl : A True Story
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I loved this book! Many of the other reviews were negative and I feel that I needed to add my review.

The book is not romantic. It is not fancy or contrived.

It is very simple and plain.

Judith Moore writes: "I hate myself. I have almost always hated myself. ... it is not for bad things I've done. ...I hate myself because I am not beautiful, I hate myself because I am fat." If you have ever hated yourself for a stupid reason, your heart will break a little as you read this book. Your heart will break for yourself, not for the author. The author is remorseful and understanding of the people in her life that hurt her. As I read, I wanted her to get angry, to stand up for herself, to punch someone out!!! lol But in the end she is kind to everyone but herself.

The book is a quick read. I didn't want to put it down. In the end, I didn't get the closure I was hoping for (and maybe the author still hopes for). Maybe I need to look to myself to find my own.

(FYI: Right before reading this, I read "Hunger" by Elise Blackwell. It was a nice contrast.)