Book Review of Vision in White (Bride Quartet, Bk 1)

Vision in White (Bride Quartet, Bk 1)
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People like to mention, with every review of a book by Nora Roberts, that the author uses the same plot devices time and time again. And they're right - she does. The thing is, it works!

VISION IN WHITE might be formulaic, in that Ms. Roberts once again uses a group of friends who are as close as family who will all inevitably end up in love with another group of friends (or acquaintances), but I enjoyed the story so much and read it in one sitting.

Ms. Roberts has the unique ability that with every single book she writes (including those written as J.D. Robb), I end up crying at least once. This one is no different - I thought the story of Mac having to deal with her mother was very well-written.

I enjoyed the new "background" of this first book in the quartet, in that it centers around four friends who own a business that covers each and every detail of having a wedding. This book's main character, Mac, is a photographer, and I truly enjoyed reading about her job and how she came to love what she does.

The secondary characters - Parker, Emma, Laurel - were all well-rounded, and I'm highly looking forward to reading each of their stories.

So, okay, it's another typical Nora Roberts read. But I couldn't be happier about that.