Book Review of The Alexandria Link (Cotton Malone, Bk 2)

The Alexandria Link (Cotton Malone, Bk 2)
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Steve Berry sux as a writer. He seems like a smart guy, but his fiction writing really bites. This book was a little better than The Templar Legacy, but not by much. The first 200 pages were pretty good and I actually cared about the story line. After that it just drawn out and lame. I got tired of all the chapters and mini chapters ending in some ridiculous twist or 'surprise'. I got tired of every other paragraph having to switch between characters and places that I just didn't care about. As soon as I would start getting into what a character was doing, he would switch it up and go back to other characters who were previously 'surprised' by something. These Cotton Malone books are just not enjoyable to me. I'm surprised by how many good reviews I read.

I was interested on some of the topics he brought up about the Bible and some other confrontational subjects. I haven't seen too many authors throw out touchy subjects like that in fiction writing. Like I said, he seems like a smart guy, but his story writing is not good.