Book Review of The Bondwoman's Narrative

The Bondwoman's Narrative
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I have read this twice now and I am still very compelled by the story presented. Crafts is an intuitive and bold writer. Some of the passages are over-dramatic, but not in a way to detract from the story. Considering this was written in 1857 or so, the novel is still easy to read. I enjoy her personal comments on topics such as slave marriage, celibacy, and others; many of them contrary to the public view. I just wish the last chapter was more in depth and didn't end. However, it was written in the present tense, contemporary with the author's own life.

If you like this, there is also a book of critical essays edited by Gates that discuss the many mysteries surrounding Hannah Crafts and her story. Noted scholars have been unable to determine the true identity of Hannah, but have all come to some common conclusions about her life.

This is also a great book for discussion. I proposed it for our book club and can't wait to find out what the other members think. Enjoy!