Book Review of Promise Me Texas: A Whispering Mountain Novel

Promise Me Texas: A Whispering Mountain Novel
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Sometimes, 5 stars just doesnt seem enough praise for a book; this is one of those times. Dont walk, race to get a copy! One of the attributes I look for in a novel is an innovative plot; one that doesnt go down the worn and rutted path. Added to that, this book has lots of humor, pathos and romantic tension.

Teagan McMurrays youngest daughter is 24 and ready to settle down with a politician, Lamont LaCroix. Her fiancée encourages Beth McMurray to meet him in Dallas and have a quickie wedding; she agrees.

Beth decides to surprise her fiancée by getting on the train earlier; however she is the one to be surprised. In shock, she looks for a way to get away from her fiancée. She looks around and notices several men climbing aboard the train; before long, she surmises that they plan to rob the train.

Before that happens, the train crashes; Beth is saved by one of the would be robbers. While he is unconscious and bleeding, Beth claims the stranger to be her husband. Now they have each saved the other; she from an overbearing fiancée and he from the gallows (as a train robber). Andrew decides to play along with the fake marriage.

After Andrews stay at the hospital, he and Beth travel with a pair of homeless boys, a pregnant young girl and a desperate cowboy. Each has a story that unfolds as the story progresses.

As the group travels together, they form a family (of sorts). However, trouble is looking for them and it doesnt take long for the family to bump into it. Beths ex-fiancée is threatening to kill Andrew; Madeline gets terrible news in Fort Worth; Colby, the cowboy, is still trying to escape the men who tried to kill him in Dallas.
The two young brothers are shaken by the news that their father isnt in Fort Worth. What will they do now?

Before the final curtain, the three McMurray men, Sage and Drum Roak have all been involved in this story. It was wonderful to see them again!

This book is well-plotted, the characters are complex and interesting and theres a mystery afoot to round out the story. Enjoy!