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Book Review of After Twilight: Masquerade / Dark Dream / Midnight Serenade

After Twilight: Masquerade / Dark Dream / Midnight Serenade
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Helpful Score: 9

This is a collection of three short paranormal romance stories.

First, Masquerade by Amanda Ashley, the story of a Jason Blackthorne, who was unwittingly turned into a vampire 300 years in the past. He is ready to end his life by meeting the dawn when he encounters the beautiful Leanne who reminds him of his now long-dead wife. Can Jason keep his darker side in check while he dates Leanne, or will he turn her into a vampiress so he no longer has to be alone.

The second story is Dark Dream by Christine Feehan. Dark Dream is the story of Falcon, one of the ancient Carpathians sent out on a dangerous mission by the prince of the Carpathian people centuries in the past. He has been a hunter of vampires for many centuries. He has decided that he can no longer stand the darkness spreading in his soul, so he has planned one last trip to him homeland in the Carpathian mountains before he ends his life by facing the dawn to prevent himself from turning vampire. Along the way, he encounters Sara, his lifemate, who has been hunted by a powerful, ancient vampire for nearly her entire life. Falcon promises to protect both her and the street children she wishes to adopt from the vampire. Sara and the children all have psychic abilities, which is what draws the vampire to them.

The third story is Midnight Serenade by Ronda Thompson, the story of Rick Donovan, a veterinarian who has been bitten by and turned into a werewolf three years in the past. He moved to the wilds of Montana and built himself a cabin way out of town and led a solitary life so that he would not be a danger to those around him. Stephanie Shane went to Montana to film a documentary about wolves. The first night she encounters some poachers shooting at the largest wolf she has ever seen. Her interference saves the wolf, but she can't figure out where he went. Rick warns her to leave and tries to tell her she is in danger. She thinks he means in danger from the wolves, when what he really means is in danger from him. But, did he bite her the first night when she saved his life from the hunters? Will she also turn into a werewolf?

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