Book Review of How To Talk So Kids Can Learn

How To Talk So Kids Can Learn
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Helpful Score: 5

This may be the one book that can really change your life. The book discusses how teachers and parent communicate with their children. It uses an imaginary new teacher and situations that are pretty typical and better ways to handle them. Some of the ideas presented in the book blew me away. For example, (this may seem small but it is very effective and I would not have thought about it until I read this) the author suggests instead of yelling, nagging or reminding of how many times you've said something, you can physically point to the problem and not say anything but they will get it, explain in one sentence with only facts what needs to be done or use a sentence or two to describe how you feel when something is not done. How very insightful! Chapters include: How To Deal With Feeling that Interfere With Learning; Skills that Invite Kids to Cooperate; Pitfalls of Punishment; Solving Problems Together; Paise that Doesn't Demean ACirticism that Doesn't Wound; How to Free a Child Locked in a Role; Parent-Teacher Partnership; Dream Catcher. Each chapter has a couple pages about the problem or sitation, very helpful cartoon drawings, Quick Reminder chapter summary, and Questions and Stories from Parents and Teachers. This is a necessary book for any teacher or parent. It could practically be a textbook for college education students.