Book Review of Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana
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Anne Rice is my favorite author, but this is my least enjoyable book from her. I get that she's rediscovered the church and writing about the life of Christ is her new calling, but I just loved her vampire novels so much it's hard for me to accept this new Anne Rice.
It isn't just the fact that it isn't vampires anymore. I really just didn't enjoy the writing. There were only a few moments in the book where the story grabbed me. I had a hard time following all the characters or even caring about them.
I felt this book bordered on silly and at times disturbing. While I respect Rice for being so creative by filling in Biblical gaps with dialog and other details, I was bothered by the relationship of Yeshua and Avigail. I guess I'm not used to the idea of Jesus maybe being in love or the idea of having a woman yell out to him "Let me be your whore".
From other reviews I read, others say she was pretty right on with the details as we know them, but I'm not familiar with such exact details of the Bible. I just know the basics. All I really know is I didn't enjoy this book very much, and I'm sad because I feel I've lost my favorite author.