Book Review of Survivor in Death (In Death, Bk 20)

Survivor in Death (In Death, Bk 20)
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Book #23 in the "In Death" Series. I liked this one, I'd say its better than average, and the average in this series is pretty damn good.

Eve is called to the scene when an entire family is slaughtered cleanly and professionally in their beds - never even waking to see their notch security system, nice neighborhood, squeeky clean life hints at no motive or enemies...and now the killers know that they missed one - one accidental survivor, a nine-year old girl, who called the police and crawled through her parents blood to hide.

Eve Dallas finds the girl and while promising her she'll find the killers and the reasons why...she and Rourke struggle to put some distance between this traumatized girl and their memories of their own traumatized pasts. They take the young witness into their own home to keep her as safe as they can.

The killers are organized, well-funded, seemingly military trained and equipped with patience and cunning...and now they know that the cops have the surviving witness...and that the job isn't finished.

What has this group of cold killers got against one little girl and her family?