Book Review of We'll Meet Again

We'll Meet Again
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Dr. Gary Lasch, prominent doctor and founder of the HMO Remington Health Management, is found dead in his home, his skull crushed by a blow with a heavy bronze sculpture and his wife, Molly, in bed covered with his blood. Their housekeeper made the grisly discovery the morning after Molly returned home. Evidence against Molly grows, and is convicted of murder.

Released from prison after 6 years, Molly reasserts her innocence to reporters. One being an old school friend who is an investigative reporter and anchor for a true crime show. Fran researches and produces a program on Molly's husbands death, the hidden aspects of her husbands life and the affairs of Remington Health Management. Fran, also, becomes a target for murder.

Very interesting! Will keep you on your toes throughout the book!