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Book Review of White Lies (Rescues, Bk 4)

White Lies (Rescues, Bk 4)
White Lies (Rescues, Bk 4)
Author: Linda Howard
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Keeps you turning the pages....

The main character, Jay, she loses her job and is feeling at a loss. She isn't sure what to do but needs to figure something out fast. She's got only a few weeks and bills will start to be due and she might lose her apartment. Some Government officials come knocking on her door. They say her ex-husband was involved in some top secret mission, and got hurt badly and they need her help. She isn't sure what to make of it, but wants to be there for her ex-husband if she can since he has no family.

As the weeks pass by and the man lying in the intensive care seems to slowly but surely making recovery, and some long- seeted feelings start devoloping for the man in the casts, she starts double guessing herself. What is she getting herself into? Can she really trust this process the government has chosen is the right thing to do by keeping her around while her ex-husband recovers? And can her heart handle the consequences this time around?

Ms. Howard keeps you guessing as you turn each page. The storyline develops at a rather mild momentum. I think by the middle of the book things start to happen at a faster pace, as that is where most of the tension and action occur. Definitely worthwhile to pick up from the local bookstore.

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