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Book Review of Agnes and the Hitman

Agnes and the Hitman
Agnes and the Hitman
Author: Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Agnes Crandall writes the âCranky Agnesâ cooking column and is engaged to Taylor, an up-and-coming local chef. The two of them have just worked out a deal to purchase Two Rivers from Brenda Fortunato Dupres. Brenda is the mother of her best friend, Lisa Livia (aka LL) growing up. Part of the deal is that Agnes and Taylor will cater the wedding for Maria â Brenda's granddaughter and Lisa Livia's daughter.

This will be Agnes and Taylor's first big catering event at the home which is on the river and has a barn for the catering events.

One evening, a young local comes to Agnes' home and tries to kidnap her dog. Agnes uses the nearest weapon she has at hand to stop him â a frying pan. (This is not the first time she's conked a guy on the head with a frying pan, either.) In the struggle, the intruder falls through a previous covered-up door in the kitchen and fatally falls to the floor of the previously hidden basement.

Shane is a government agent and is called in to help protect Agnes by his Uncle Joey, who is also a good friend of Agnes'.

While protecting Agnes, the two of them need to figure out why people keep trying to break into Agnes' home and Agnes' has to work to ensure that Maria's wedding takes place at her home because now Brenda is trying to set things up so that the wedding will get moved and then Agnes will have to come up with three months of actual mortgage payments or be foreclosed on.

I enjoyed this book better than the last Crusie/Mayer collaboration that I read (Don't Look Down.) The action and romance is better written and the story is a little easier to follow even though much of it is pretty far fetched.

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