Book Review of The Fall of the Towers

The Fall of the Towers
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The Fall of the Towers is a magnificent piece of prose that captivates the reader.

Written in three parts, this story takes on the possible outcome Earth's future by atomic destruction. What is left after the "Great Fire," as it is called, is a small empire called Toromon that has survived several centuries, but has now hit a critical moment in its history.

A cosmic being has entered the atmosphere and is toying with the citizens of the empire, creating havoc, mayhem and corruption. It is up to three individuals, controlled by another benevolent cosmic entity, to determine the fate of Toromon, as well as the universe itself.

Delany's style of writing is like reading poetry: hard to understand at first glance, but illuminating with the second or third read. Let's just say that I would not put this in the category for light reading, by any means.

I very much enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to others.