Book Review of Icefalcon's Quest (Darwath, Bk 5)

Icefalcon's Quest (Darwath, Bk 5)
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Previous Darwath books focused on the character development of Rudy (brash young wizard), Gil (stoic scholar-warrior), and Ingold (grizzled yet whimsical wizard-warrior) as the major players, while the grim barbarian known as Icefalcon remained cloaked in mystery.

This book is Icefalcon's turn to shine; our old friends are still around but moved back a little bit to let him take the center. We learn more about the rugged background of Icefalcon's stern tribe, as they wrestled a living from a landscape full of enemies and danger. And we learn of the soul-crushing betrayal that ripped him from his family and his people.

In the present day, Icefalcon must set out on a desperate pursuit after a kidnapped prince, knowing he will have to confront his past in order to survive.