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Book Review of Secrets, Vol 3

Secrets, Vol 3
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The Spy Who Loved Me
Despite the cheesy title, this story was pretty good plot-wise and hot-wise. It was immediately interesting. Granted, there were a couple of corny moments, but nothing to really take away from the overall story.

Love Undercover
Another surprisingly good story (despite a silly title) with an equally good plot. Some things are a little questionable when if comes to believability, but it's still a fun & hot read. The only complaint was I kept getting the song "Achey Breaky Heart" stuck in my head from it.

Blood and Kisses
This one was definitely the best story in the book. I absolutely loved the note to the reader about many vampire stories that have a whiny or psycho hero and their women are flakes. I've run across quite a few novels like that.

This story was also better than another I'd read in "Secrets: Volume 6" by the same author, so it did make me more inclined to want to read other stuff she's written.

I also really liked that even though this story is futuristic, the author didn't rip off a bunch of vocabulary from Star Trek.

The Barbarian
I definitely could've skipped this one and not missed it at all. It lives up to the standards of ridiculous with corny, forced dialogue and an over-used plot. If the Barbarian's servant (who's a eunuch as well--Oh my!) greasing up the bride for her wedding night wasn't bad enough, the husband-to-be is determined to train her from his experiences he discovered by having been in a harem. Then, after she started getting hot from his shaving her head bald, I just couldn't read it anymore. This was one of those WTF erotica stories that I just thought was stupid.

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