Book Review of Primal Instincts (Primes, Bk 11)

Primal Instincts (Primes, Bk 11)
Primal Instincts (Primes, Bk 11)
Author: Susan Sizemore
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I fell in love with this series back on book 1. This installment continues the Dark Angels storyline [supernaturals vs. those trying to out/destroy them] introduced several books ago with the story of their leader, Tobias Strahan, and the ultimate vampire princess, Francesca [known as Flare] Reynard.

Flare is being forced to produce a child for the clan but is determined to strike a blow for female vampire independence by using artificial means. Her clan Matri blackmails Tobias into agreeing to make sure that any baby is conceived in the 'old fashioned' way by threatening to destroy the Dark Angels politically and financially.

Neither Flare nor Tobias want entanglements but Fate has other plans - throwing them into the mating dance of bonding. Their complimentary skills - she the politician and he the warrior - will serve their causes well.

We don't get to see Matri Anjelica's reaction to the bonding. Too bad, I've wanted to see her get her 'comeuppance' since the first book...

After the first couple of books, the series has become very sequential and will be better read in order.

FYI Sizemore writes two vampire series - this one [Primes] and one called Laws of the Blood. The second series is a bit rougher [among other things the vamps literally eat their prey] and less romantic.

1. I Burn for You (2003)
2. I Thirst for You (2004)
3. I Hunger for You (2005)
4. A Touch of Harry (2004) (in The Shadows of Christmas Past)
5. Master of Darkness (2006)
6. Primal Heat (2006)
7. Primal Desires (2007)
8. Tempting Fate (2007) (in Moon Fever)
9. Primal Needs (2008)
10. Primal Instincts (2010)