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Book Review of One Second After (John Matherson, Bk 1)

One Second After (John Matherson, Bk 1)
bjr711 avatar reviewed It could happen on + 27 more book reviews

Excellent read and description of what could happen if someone terrorist or another nation were to detonate an EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) weapon over the United States of America. The book describes what would happen and just how unprepared the country is in addressing this real possibility.

While much of the country is prepared for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc much of that preparedness relies on other parts of the country coming in to aid the affected area. With an EMP none of these resources would be available nor would the normal resources police, fire, medical, or the pharmaceuticals so many of us depend on in an emergency.

The characters are a little on the sketchy sidethere could be a lot more character development. Most of the characters are superficial at best, but the book outlines many of the scenarios survivors would have to endure during this kind of an attack.
A fast read that leaves you wondering if you would want to survive.

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