Book Review of Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast
Author: Lois Battle
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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I read Bed & Breakfast with a reading buddy in my online book club, The Reading Cove.

What a snooze fest! The narrative rambles and meanders and goes every bit of nowhere fast. While I didn't find any of the characters interesting or endearing, there was a lesson to be learned: do not expect your children to exhibit characteristics and behaviors as adults that were never instilled in them as children.

You see people all the time who whine and complain about their kids being self absorbed, unappreciative or indifferent, but that's exactly how they were overindulged, coddled and raised to be. When were they taught to appreciate the hand that feeds them?

Beyond that, the story lacked focus, had a narrow-minded scope and was very uneven for me. There was never anyone to root for or sympathize with. Just whining, moping, complaining and blaming. No one ever took responsibility for their own happiness. If that's your thing, God bless you. For me? Meh.