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Book Review of Nightmare in Pink (Travis McGee, Bk 2)

Nightmare in Pink (Travis McGee, Bk 2)
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Fort Lauderdale, the Busted Flush, this is a Travis McGee mystery. Mike Gibson had a service injury and Travis did not, and so Travis is willing to leave Florida to go to NYC to see Mike's sister, Nina, who has recently lost her fiance. The fiance, Howard Plummer, was the victim of a mugging-- assailant unknown. Howard had worked for Armister-Hawes, an investment bank. He had complained to others that he had not been able to see Charles Armister to talk with him, and that the bank was undergoing divestment without any strategy evident to make up for the lack of holding a growth portfolio.
Travis's former client, Connie Thatcher, informs him that she knows the sister-in-law of Charles Armister, Terry Drummond. He discovers that Terry Drummond hasn't been able to see Charles, either, and she would like to do this to encourage him to return to living with her sister. At the present it seems that Charles is living with his secretary and his lawyer. It is feared that he is somehow under their thumb. Travis McGee certainly does find himself in the midst of a nightmare as he undergoes a stay at a mental hospital where Charles Armister was treated.
The plotting of the mystery is very tight, very good.