Book Review of The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down

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Helpful Score: 5

A page-turner and a shocking revelation of what goes on "behind the scenes" in our wonderful political system. Mr. Young is not the best writer, but he offers more insight about John and Elizabeth Edwards than you'll get from any other source.

Virtually spin-free and often self-deprecating, his account of the political rise and fall of John Edwards is fascinating even without the details of the Rielle Hunter scandal (which are shocking in and of themselves). Elizabeth Edwards is not portrayed sympathetically here, and probably with good reason.

Whatever Mr. Young's impetus for publishing this book, it is a story that goes beyond "National Enquirer" sensationalism. It describes the desperate lengths to which ambition, greed, and self-importance will drive a person to deceive family, friends, patrons, the media and, of course, millions of Americans who truly believed in a presidential candidate, only to discover he is just another "Politician."