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Book Review of Eyes of Prey (Lucas Davenport, Bk 3)

Eyes of Prey (Lucas Davenport, Bk 3)
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Eyes of Prey is the third in the Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford. In this edition, Lucas is still torn up by the ending of Shadow Prey which featured an attack in his home against himself, his lover and his child. He takes it out on a young thug by beating him senseless. Internal Affairs begins to investigate and Lucas is on a short leash as he begins to investigate the murder of Stephanie Becker.

As it is with many Prey books, we know who the killer is. Except in this case, there are two killers. Two evil men decided to try and idea they gleaned from a movie where they each take turns killing each other's problem person. Carlo Druze kills Becker's wife and Becker kills Druze's boss. There are problems however when their is a witness to Becker's wife's murder, an unknown lover.

Meanwhile, there are more killings. Becker is a pathologist at the university hospital and is constantly living in a drug induced stupor or euphoria. Druze is a scarred, damaged man easily pliable by Becker. The strength in Eyes of Prey lie in the tight police work and the characterization of the bad guys and of Lucas's decent into depression. The ending is also surprising, yet doesn't really give any clues into the forth book in the series (which retains some characters from this book).

As usual in the series, there is a lot of cussing and sleeping around. But Standford has crafted another great thriller that will keep me reading the entire series.

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