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Book Review of In the Dark (Navy SEALs Team Twelve, Bk 2)

In the Dark (Navy SEALs Team Twelve, Bk 2)
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Although IN THE DARK is a stand-alone book, I would highly recommend reading Ms. Melton's previous release, FORGET ME NOT, before you start this latest Navy SEAL story. You'll have a better feel for the supporting characters, not to mention that FORGET ME NOT was a wonderful book! In this second SEAL installment, the danger is notched up, the passion burns hotter, and the saga continues.

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Gabe "Jaguar" Renault has been caught in the crossfire of a cover-up. Only a short week ago, their Admiral had assured them that Commander Edward Lovitt would stand trial for the crimes he had committed, not the least of which was trafficking in stolen weapons. Somehow, though, Gabe is now the one sitting in jail, awaiting sentence from the NCIS. Not to be deterred, Lieutenant Luther Lindstrom and his fellow SEALs are determined to see justice prevail, and there's only one way to get it-find Defense Intelligence agent Hannah Geary and have her testify as to Lovitt's crimes.

The problem is that Lovitt has done a good job of keeping Hannah away from anyone who can cause him trouble. He had her partner killed, and now Hannah is far away on the other side of the world, in a prison in Santiago , Cuba , under the watchful and cruel eye of General Pizon. When Pizon pushes his torture too far and attempts to rape Hannah, she kills him-then realizes she still has to find a way out of her prison. Thankfully, Luther and his men have come to Cuba to rescue her, which will in turn save their fellow SEAL, Gabe. Having killed the general, Hannah's escape is facilitated by the SEAL team, and now all of them are on the run from a regime bent on revenge.

Now not only do Luther, Hannah, and the SEALs need to get out of Cuba, but they need to make sure Hannah returns to the States alive, in order to testify as to Commander Lovitt's crimes against the Navy. In the course of their trip, Luther and Hannah attempt to fight the ever-growing attraction that's between them. Luther's not a man who wants to give his heart to another woman, having already been tricked once by a cheating fiance. And as for Hannah, the death of her partner and the almost-rape by General Pizon have damaged her to the point that she's not sure she can readily be close to man again.

Marliss Melton has penned another winner. Fast-paced action, nail-biting suspense, and passion all intertwine to make this story well worth the read.

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