Book Review of Long Time Coming (Loveswept, No 300)

Long Time Coming (Loveswept, No 300)
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or sixteen years Marnie Hibbs had raised her sister's son as her own, hoping that her love would make up for the father David would never know ... dreaming that someday David's father would find his way back into her life. And then one afternoon Marnie looked up and Law Kincaid was there, as strong and heartbreakingly handsome as ever. Flooded with bittersweet memories, Marnie yearned to lose herself in his arms, yet a desperate fear held her back, for this glorious man who had given her David now had the power to take him away. For the second time in her life Law Kincaid held her future in his hands, but Marnie knew the final decision was hers: to fight Law all the way - or risk revealing the passion in her heart.