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Book Review of The Marriage Agreement (Harlequin Historical Romance)

The Marriage Agreement (Harlequin Historical Romance)
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This was a much more interesting book than the two previous stories of this series. This is the story of the third sibling of the Devereaux family: Yvonne Lily Devereaux. In the other two books, Yvonne has been mentioned as the sister who left Louisiana willingly with a Yankee officer.

Yvonne (now going by the name Lily) comes to the attention of Gage Morgan (whom readers initially met in COLORADO COURTSHIP). She is serving drinks on a Mississippi River riverboat; unfortunately, her boss isnt above selling her for the night to anyone willing.

Morgan is an undercover government agent who is heading to Arkansas for a case. Hes been told that he would appear more realistic (to the crooks) if he had a wife. Morgan rescues Lily from her life as a singer and potential prostitute telling himself that he wants her for the Arkansas case.

She refuses to help him unless he marries her; the Yankee officer has wanted posters offering a reward. Without a name change, she will be easy to recognize (the drawing is very accurate).

After the dangers of the Arkansas case, Morgan keeps telling Lily he shouldnt have married her. In her insecure mind, she thinks he wants to be rid of her and she runs away.

This is one of those stories in which a clear, straight-forward conversation between the couple would have cleared the confusion. I agree with another reader who lamented that this book didnt flow well; the main characters did not say what they really thought and it made for a confusing story.

1. Loving Katherine (1996)
2. The Seduction of Shay Devereaux (2001)
3. The Marriage Agreement (2004)