Book Review of Before I Say Good-Bye

Before I Say Good-Bye
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Nann knows her stuff when it comes to politics. She was raised by her grandfather after her parents died and he was a congressman until he retired. Her grandfather taught her everything she needed to know to be a successful congresswoman but her husband doesn't want her to run. She has been writing a column for the paper and he wants her to keep doing that so they can have a family. Her grandfather doesn't like her husband and has her come to see him to try to persuade her one more time since his successor for the party has decided not to run again. Now is her chance and she wants to take it. She decided to do it despite her husband's objections and they get into a big fight when him storming out the door. The last thing she said to him was a cold shot that maybe he shouldn't come back. The next day he had a business meeting on his boat with 3 other people he worked with when it exploded. Nann feels horrible for the things she said to him and now will never be able to ask for his forgiveness. She wants to find out who blew up his boat and why. Her aunt thinks a friend of hers that is a renowned psychic can help but Nann isn't sure she can believe in what she does.

This book was a little confusing at first because there are so many different characters that were hard to keep straight at first. Sometimes I had to look back to remind myself who someone was. After a while, I got used to the stories and it got easier when they started to connect.