Book Review of Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, Bk 14)

Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, Bk 14)
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I totally wasted my money buying this the day of release...

Even though I've loved this series, something about this one was just... well... missing. I got my laughs (light as they were), but the story seemed weak. Maybe I'm getting too picky as a reader, or maybe the author just rushed this one. I know I've found the earlier ones far more enjoyable than this one, though. They also seemed longer. The book I had looked like I had bought a large print edition and so I got through it extremely quickly (which was okay, because it was less painful this way).

The characters were seriously lacking and Stephanie really needs to stop pulling the chains on Ranger and Joe and just freaking pick one already! It also seemed like Evanovich brought back Mooner just because he's a favorite and she needed to do a little more writing because she was lazy with the story. I've read the series because I loved laughing so hard I was crying, but all I really got out of this was a few chuckles. Lula was good, but I still expected more out of her character as well.

It really reminds me of her earlier books (some of which should never have been re-released but apparently publishers decided to take advantage of how well this series was doing...)

Overall, I won't be running to the store when the next one comes out. There are other authors out there that deserve my hard-earned cash.