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Book Review of The Bad Luck Wedding Dress (Bad Luck Wedding, Bk 1)

The Bad Luck Wedding Dress (Bad Luck Wedding, Bk 1)
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Sometimes, authors allow children to become a pain in a story; Geralyn Dawson has the good sense to allow these three motherless girls to become terrors. They are a howl with no end in sight.

They are actually the three daughters of Trace McBride: known as the McBride Menaces. They never plan to cause a problem; things just get in the way. At present, they have decided that they want a mother but Trace, as a widower with a terrible secret, has had all he wants of women.

Trace rents space to Jenny Fortune, a struggling seamstress, trying to make her fortune. One of her most amazing creations, a wedding dress, was used by Big Jack Baileys 4 daughters, each of whom had an awful accident. The dress is now referred to as: the Bad Luck Wedding Dress and Jennys dress shop has turned into a ghost town.

Superstitious Big Jack Bailey isn't one to take things calmly; he is bent on destroying Jennys business. Jenny has part of the downstairs for her modiste. * The Menaces and their father live in the floors above. Because Trace is so busy (and the Menaces manage to run off housekeepers at an amazing rate), the girls start to spend a lot of time with Jenny. They decide that Jenny would be perfect as their new Mama.

Trace has designed his new home and is making plans to return to his former career as an architect. He wants to sell this saloon and become respectable again.

The Menaces have other plans; they try to keep Jenny and Trace near each other so they can fall in love. These two are too stubborn to see what they are looking at; but the Menaces have the title stubborn all sewn up.

Jenny decides that she needs to get married and wear her Bad Luck Wedding Dress to show her work isn't cursed. Jenny thinks Trace would be a perfect choice but fate interferes and another groom offers marriage.

Well, the new groom didnt check with the Menaces before making the offer and they are not happy. This is a funny, cute story that will have you laughing out loud. Jenny is a perfect parent for the Menaces because shes just as unpredictable as the 3 girls.

* Fashionable milliner or dressmaker.

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