Book Review of Charmed: Bridal Jitters (Ghost Hunters, Bk 1) / Man in the Mirror / Tangled Dreams (Winston Brothers, Bk 2) / Pandora's Bottle

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Jayne Castle's futuristic tale is called BRIDAL JITTERS. Illusion Trap expert Virginia Burch is having doubts about entering a two-year business marriage of convenience with expert ghost hunter Sam Gage.

MAN IN THE MIRROR by Julie Beard involves an antique mirror that transports Katie Montgomery back in time where she comes face-to-face with a couageous knight of King Arthur's court.

Lori Foster adds two matchmaking ghosts to her story TANGLED DREAMS. Bar owner Chase is stunned to realize he can suddenly read the sexy thoughts of bar patron Allison Barrow. Poor Allison is horrified by her ghostly roommates sudden interference in her love life.

The finale PANDORA'S BOTTLE by Eileen Wilks has Dora Kitlock go on a weekend getaway with her boyfriend John Raven, never dreaming she will be forced to make a choice between John and his mysterious doppelganger Jack.