Book Review of Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones, Bk 1)

Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones, Bk 1)
reviewed Was hooked from the first paragraph on
Helpful Score: 5

I could not put this one down. From the first paragraph I was hooked.

"It's dark in that awful way that allows you to make out objects but not the black spaces between them. My breathing comes ragged from emotion and fear. The only person I trust in the world lies on the floor beside me. I lean into him and hear that he's still breathing, but it's shallow and hard won. He's hurt, I know. But I can't see how badly. I whisper his name in his ear but he doesn't respond. I feel his body but there is no blood that I can tell. The sound of his body hitting the floor minutes before was the worst sound I've ever heard."

I really love the writer's conversational style. Although she is telling you the story, every once and awhile she comments directly to the reader; very engaging.

I liked it so much as soon as I finished it I went looking for the sequel "Sliver of Truth". I couldn't wait for it on to come available on, so I bought it at Borders! Highly recommend it.

Great read.